Canlan SportsPlex
Adult Pickup Games

Canlan SportsPlex is one of Grab A Game’s favorite facilities. All year long, soccer players sign up to play in our popular Wednesday pickup soccer mini-tournament. For just $10 per 2-hour pickup session, you can’t beat the value of playing time at such a high quality facility. We hope to see you soon!

COVID-19 Guidelines for this Facility

All participants are required to register and pay in advance. No cash. No walk-ups.
Each participant must fill out the pre-screening questions within 12 hours before each visit to the facility:
Upon arrival, you will be asked to use hand sanitizer and staff will confirm you filled out the pre-screening questions before you enter the facility.
Go directly to your field.
Bring your own ball for warm-ups. Write your name on your ball with permanent marker.
A sanitized game ball will be provided. No throw-ins. Kick-ins only.
We now have two 6-team tournaments on Wednesdays with a half hour between start times to limit the number of participants entering the facility at the same time. Be sure to sign up for the same time slot as your friends.
Please maintain social distancing of 6 feet when not playing in a game. Participants must wear a mask in the facility when not playing in a game.
No Spectators. Do not wander the facility. Stay on your fields and do not hang out in the facility's common areas.
No water fountains or vending machines. Bring water or sports drink in a container clearly marked with your name.
Please leave the facility within 10 minutes of the game ending through the doors designated for your field (not the main entrance).