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Hosts are the face of our program and one of the things that set us apart from average pickup games. A Grab A Game host is present at every event to check everyone in, assign teams, start games on time, and make sure everyone has a great experience. Read below to see if you would be a good fit with our team and if we would be a good fit for you. A link to apply is located below the details.

Grab A Game Host | Job Description

The Grab A Game Host is the first person to welcome each participant on site, and by the end of the game they make a group of strangers feel like a group of friends. They’re trained experts at running a wide variety of formats for any size group, all skill levels, and any size space. Hosts are passionate about their sport and play for the love of the game.

• Friendly, Approachable, Sociable, Personable, Outgoing, Warm, Unshy, Talkative, and Extroverted.

• Confident in leading a group. Good at holding the attention of a group while giving clear and concise instructions.

• Reliable. Show up early and complete all host duties.

• Proactive about communicating with manager regarding schedule conflicts and any issues at events.

• Quick at solving problems under pressure. When things don’t go as planned, hosts smoothly adjust the plan.

• Coachable and willing to adapt to change. Capable of learning new technology.

• Calm and level-headed when dealing with difficult participants. Assertive in upholding our rules and policies.

• Most hosts have part-time or full-time jobs or are students. We can work with your schedule and availability.

• This is a contractor position. It is common for the schedule to change on a seasonal basis.

• Most games are on weeknights after 6:00pm and on weekends.

• Events are usually 2 hours, but some are shorter. Occasionally, hosts are scheduled to work two events in a row.

Commit to a fairly regular schedule of hosting 1-5 events per week. Flexibility to take weeks off if needed.

You may be asked to fill in for other shifts from time to time.

• We do our best to assign you to facilities that are easy for you to access. Free parking is available at several locations.

• We play at facilities in Chicago and the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago. We are also accepting applicants for Milwaukee and Dallas.

You can decline shifts that don’t work for your schedule or are difficult to get to.

Arrive 15-30 minutes early to each event. Set up the field or court if needed.

Be ready to check people in and assign them to a team as they arrive. Confirm participants paid and have signed our waiver (all managed through the host app on your mobile device).

Start games on time and keep the flow of play going while making sure the event stays on schedule.

• Engage with participants in a way that makes them feel welcome and want to come back. When things go wrong, do your best to appease participants on site. Always represent Grab A Game in a positive manner.

• Make sure equipment is stored neatly after the event and there is no trash or lost items left behind.

• Snap a picture at the event and post it to one of our social media channels.

• Equipment for all events is provided by Grab A Game. Hosts are sometimes responsible for holding onto equipment. Several locations have a storage area that hosts will have access to.

• For sports where pinnies are worn (soccer and floor hockey), hosts are paid extra and required to wash pinnies after each event.

• Proactively report any issues or feedback to your manager via email.

Training has two portions – Onsite and online. Onsite training consists of shadowing an experienced host at an event and you are usually permitted to play for free. Online training can be completed in just a couple hours and is an investment of your time to become a certified Grab A Game host. Training is unpaid.

• We’ve seen almost everything. If you’re not sure how to handle certain situations, your manager is happy to help or you can talk with one of the more seasoned hosts for advice. No need to reinvent the wheel – we have all resources readily available for you.

• When you’re hosting, support is always just a call away. Whether it’s a simple question or a big issue, you’ll be able to text or call your manager or reach our on call manager through our emergency hotline.

• For every game you host in a week, you earn a free game to play in the same week.

• Generally, it is acceptable to play in events that you host. You are never required to play. There are some events where you will need to focus on hosting the whole time and will not get the chance to play. When hosting, the participants’ experience comes first.

• One free league registration per season with Chicago Sport and Social Club as long as you are actively hosting with Grab A Game. (This is your portion of a team fee or an individual registration for a league).

• Annual Host Appreciation Party – usually held in February or March at a venue in Chicago. Food, drink, and activity included. We hold smaller host appreciation nights, training, and program brainstorms occasionally throughout the year.

• Grab A Game host shirt to let everyone at the event know who’s in charge.

• Pay is $12/hour. 2.5 hours is the normal pay for a 2-hour event because you are expected to arrive early and be the last to leave.

• Payroll is processed every two weeks and direct deposit is available.

We hope to meet you soon!

We are not always looking for hosts, but when we are, we will respond quickly.

Grab A Game offers events for these sports: Basketball, Broomball, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Kickball, Soccer, Social Sports, Softball, Tennis, Touch Rugby, and Volleyball

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