Just the FAQs.

We realize you may still have a few questions. Luckily, we have all the answers.

Grab A Game Offers Pickups, Weekly Mini-Tournaments, and Rentals. Use these Quick links to jump to the section that best fits your questions:

Grab a Game organizes adult pickup games and weekly mini tournaments for your favorite sports so you can play on your schedule! Choose from over 40 different weekly events. You can be a regular or try a new game each week. Our events are conveniently scheduled on weeknights and weekends. Grab A Game also offers rental time for pickleball and tennis at multiple locations in Chicago.

Males and females 19 or older of all skill levels are invited to play! There is no required gender ratio. Our hosts do a great job creating even teams for well-matched games. There are no referees, which means players participate with good sportsmanship. We aim to make everyone from people playing for the first time to people who have been playing a long time feel welcome at these games. Most events are for everyone, but for our volleyball games we offer specific skill levels so you can play in a game that’s best suited for you.

We launched our new registration platform in April of 2019. Sign up for our games through GrabAGame.com or through the Grab A Game app. Our system is built by MindBody, a reputable and popular platform used by gyms nationwide. Transactions are secure and we can provide a higher quality experience for our customers. 

Formerly, we used Meetup.com to organize our events. We’ve outgrown that platform as it limited how we served our customers. These Meetup pages are still active to advertise our games, but we do not consider Meetup RSVPs official until participants pay and register through Grab A Game.

There’s no need to RSVP through Meetup and register through Grab A Game.

While we prefer each person registers and pays for themselves, there is a way for one person to register other people. However, this option is not available on the Grab A Game App and must be done through our website, grabagame.com.

To sign up a friend, log into your account on grabagame.com from a browser. Once logged in, navigate to the game you want to register for on the schedule. Click on Sign Up Now and you’ll have the option to sign up for yourself or someone else.

You can also easily get to this version of the schedule by clicking on Book A Game at the top of our website.

Please note that 5-packs and introductory offers are not meant to be shared. 

The weekly pass activates with the first game you book and get a spot in, not on the day you purchase it. So, if you register for a game for this weekend and then decide you want to play tonight, the pass will not work unless you remove your registration for the future games and book tonight’s game first. 

If you want us to manually adjust your pass start date, simply email info@grabagame.com. Please be specific in which game you’re trying to join.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use the weekly pass to book a spot on a waitlist for your first game, the pass will activate with the first game you get a spot in. So, if you book for a waitlist tonight and then book a spot in a game this weekend, the pass will be activated to start this weekend and will not apply if you get a spot in the game tonight. We will need to manually adjust your pass for these rare instances.

As of February 2024, our Unlimited Golden Ticket changed to the Weekly Pass. The weekly pass is good for up to 5 games in a 7-day period. This pass still pays for itself by the third visit!

There are several reasons you may not see the option to sign up:

Registration opens 2 weeks before each of our games. It used to be 30 days, but we had people saving spots and forgetting that they registered for our more popular games. The 2-week window prevents no-shows and helps us keep our games full.

Spots fill up fast for many of our sessions. If a game sells out and the waitlist fills up, you won’t see the option to register for that session. Check back on the day of the game to see if spots open up. Since players can cancel up to 2 hours before game time, you can sometimes snag a spot last minute.

Players need to be 18 or older to play with us. Make sure you are logged in and the birthdate on your account is accurate.

Some of our games require pre-approval to join, such as our B+, BB, BB+, and A level volleyball games. To get these permissions added to your account, you’ll need to attend one of our tryout sessions or talk with a host on site at one of our open games.

Typically, you’ll find out that you have a spot 2 hours or more in advance of a game, because that is the cutoff for other players to drop out without losing their payment for the game. However, sometimes people late-cancel and a spot opens up closer to game time. The system is a bit manual, because if you are on the waitlist, you’ll need to keep an eye out for an email letting you know you’ve been added to the game or you need to check on the Grab A Game app to see if your status has been changed from waitlist to having a spot.

We do not issue refunds if you pay to be on the waitlist and don’t get a spot, but your payment automatically becomes a credit on your account to be used the next time you book a game of the same price with us. However, if you don’t get a spot and you know you won’t be able to play with us again, you can request a full refund by emailing Lynn@chicagosocial.com.

As of 3/28/22 a 5% processing fee is added to all transactions to help offset rising rental and equipment costs.

As of November 2023, the City of Chicago requires us to charge a 9% City of Chicago Amusement tax to all games that aren’t played at a Chicago Park District or Chicago Public School location.

Most players sign up by themselves. Some people sign up with a friend or two. And from time to time, full teams sign up – great for practice! But don’t be shy if you sign up solo! By the end of the event, you’ll have a bunch of new friends.

Each event is priced differently based on the location, capacity, and sport. Check the specific event’s details for pricing and payment information. You can expect to pay $10-$18 per person for most 1.5 to 2-hour events.

Most of our events are two hours long and each player is guaranteed about an hour of playing time – sometimes more! RSVPs are capped for each event to make sure those who attend get to play. Our hosts do a great job of keeping games moving so you don’t have to worry about fighting to get a spot in the game.

Our cancelation policy is built to encourage people to sign up early, but allow for customers to change their registration in case something comes up. You will automatically receive a credit on your account if you cancel two or more hours before the game starts. Simply log into your account on GrabAGame.com or the Grab A Game app and click on cancel for the game you are registered for.

When you RSVP, you’re taking a spot from a limited-number of attendees. We’re counting on you to be there so we can play the event as planned. We cannot offer refunds if you change your mind less than two hours before the event starts. No shows will not receive a refund or credit.

If you are using a promotional pass or monthly membership, the cancelation policy still applies. You may incur late-cancelation fees if you cancel less than 2 hours in advance or a no-show fee if you fail to attend an event you are signed up for. Multiple offenses may result in your pass or membership being revoked. 

Our events may be cancelled due to weather, low expected turnout, or other reasons beyond our control. If this happens, you will receive a refund. In some situations, we may leave the game on your account if you are a regular player with us.

Promotional pass and monthly membership holders will not receive a refund. However, if there have been multiple cancelations while using a pass or membership, please reach out to Lynn@chicagosocial.com for a partial refund or extension of your pass.

Check the confirmation email after you register to know the surface you will be playing on and if there is any specific gear you need to bring. For most events, we recommend wearing athletic clothing.

For most events, all you need to bring is yourself! However, depending on the event, you may prefer to bring sport-specific shoes, equipment – such as a bat or a hockey stick, protection – such as shin guards or a mouth guard, or your own ball. Double check the confirmation email after you register to see if anything is suggested.

Show up 10-15 minutes early. The games will begin at the time posted for each event. All participants are expected to play the whole time. Games are not structured for a “drop-in” setting.

Check in with the Grab A Game Host when you arrive. Some locations may require you to check in with an ID at the front desk. Check your confirmation email for these details. If space is available, you may begin warming up and stretching before the event begins. We will provide everything needed for a game.

Your payment helps to cover the rental costs, the hourly pay for your event host, equipment costs, administrative costs, and ensures a well-organized event.

Tell your friends! Let other people know by giving us a good review on social media outlets. Additionally, you may occasionally receive an email asking for your rating of an event you attended. Share these events on Facebook to let others know where you are playing.

Absolutely! We will never share your email address with other parties. You can control your email and text message settings through your Grab A Game account. Registration confirmation emails and receipts for payment will always go out, but you can opt in or out to other promotional emails. We use an advanced email and text message system designed to send you notifications customized for you – such as birthday promotions, occasional discounts, and information about games we think you’ll enjoy.


If for some reason you cannot attend your court rental or you need to change the time, you can receive a credit back on your Grab A Game account for a future booking. Using the Grab A Game app or by logging into your GrabAGame.com account, you can cancel your reservation 2 or more hours prior to your rental and the credit to rebook will automatically be issued to your Grab A Game account. The credit will apply automatically the next time you book another rental of the same duration at the same location. The credit is good for a year from when it was originally purchased. You can email info@grabagame.com if you want to change the duration or location of your rental or to request a refund.

Grab a Game offers court rentals for Pickleball and Tennis at Sport & Social Courts and Big City Pickle. Go to our “Court Rentals” page to choose what location you prefer. We have indoor and outdoor locations available.

We provide options for 1-hour, 1.5 hours, and 2-hours. You can add paddles to any rental for $10.

Your court, your time! You can invite any amount of people to play some pickup.

Grab a Game will have courts set up with lines and a net and provide pickleballs.

Paddle are not included but can be added for $10 no matter how long the court is rented for.

We keep a close eye on the weather and the condition of our outdoor courts. We also have tools to dry the courts after it rains. When possible we’ll notify you 1-2 hours in advance if we are canceling your rental due to weather. There are some times we have to cancel on site due to unexpected conditions. If we feel the courts will be safe to play on by your rental time you won’t hear from us and you can assume it’s game on! 

If your rental is canceled due to a rainout, a credit for another rental for the same duration at the same location will be issued to your Grab A Game account. This credit will apply automatically the next time you book a rental with us.

You can email us for a full refund if rebooking isn’t an option for you. info@grabagame.com

We’re happy to assist you in rescheduling over the phone if you need assistance. 312-850-8177

Your rental guarantees your time on the court. Your court will be set up with a net. Balls are included. A Grab A Game / Big City Pickle / Chicago Sport and Social Club representative will ensure your court is accessible at your rental time and the courts are safe to play on. Up to 4 pickleball paddles can be added to your rental for $10.

Yes, you can book multiple courts at the same time under the same name. If you’re looking to book a party or event with additional services (instruction, facilitated tournament, food, drink, etc) please fill out our Event Inquiry Form.

You can book regular court rentals up to 2 weeks in advance. For special events / multiple court rentals you can book earlier by calling 312-850-8177 or by filling out our Event Inquiry Form.

Weekly Tournaments

We welcome Full Teams, Partial Teams, and Free Agents at our weekly tournaments for Pickleball, Volleyball, and Soccer. For our soccer tournaments and Volleyball Ladder Tournaments, you’ll be able to request your teammates in advance after you register. This helps us get games going faster when everyone arrives.

We have been running weekly tournaments for years and we’re prepared for any size group with any number of fields/courts. Our soccer and pickleball tournaments are typically round robin style. Our Volleyball tournaments feature a Ladder format where winners go up a court and losers move down a court.

Each weekly tournament is a standalone 2-hour event. Everyone is expected to show up 15 minutes early for check-in and stay until the end of the 2-hour session.

To keep the events friendly, we don’t offer prizing except to take a picture of the champs and feature it on our social media channels. We find that these “bragging rights” are the perfect way to celebrate our weekly champs!

Each player registers for themselves at these events, even if they’re part of a team. Full price ranges from $12 (typically at our suburban locations) to $15 or $18. Each price point offers discounted options such as the 5-pack and weekly pass for those who play with us regularly.

At our pickleball and soccer tournaments, everyone gets to play a minimum of 2 games for every 1 game they sit. So at least 66% of your tournament time is playing time. At our volleyball events, we design them so that everyone gets to play the whole time without subs.

If you’re playing pickleball with us, we make the teams on site and you can request your partner at check-in. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before game time.

If you’re playing soccer or volleyball with us, the event description may have a link to an online sheet where you can fill in your roster or request to play with a friend or two. These links are sometimes only provided in the confirmation email after you register. You’ll need to subscribe to emails in your Grab A Game account to receive confirmation emails as they are not automatically subscribed with new accounts. If you registered for a game before subscribing to emails, simply email info@grabagame.com to get the information for your event.