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Our place, or yours?

Our Dream: Let No Court Go Unused

Grab A Game is growing every day. We’re always on the lookout for new facilities, existing groups to merge with, and suggestions on where to play. Plus, we’re always looking for new hosts

Let’s connect and see if we can bring Grab A Game to your area.

Facility Owner/Manager

Facilities love welcoming Grab A Game to fill open slots in their schedule. We have an easy revenue share model.  Additionally, we introduce new players to you location, who often end up becoming customers in your leagues and programs.

Existing Group Looking to Merge

We appreciate organizers and all their hard work. If you lead a group, let us make things a little easier to manage and compensate you for your efforts. You can stay involved as much or as little as you’d like. Your group might be the start to our next big market!

Request Grab A Game in your area

You’re a player that found us or maybe moved away, and now you’re sad that there’s no Grab A Game events nearby. Let us come to you! Tell us where you’re at and when we get 50 requests for your area, we’ll put it on our priority list for expansion.

Let's Connect