Fleet Fields

With the Chicago Skyline as a backdrop, this mini-soccer complex on the site of the upcoming LIncoln Yards is the perfect place to grab a small-sided game in one of the two 5v5 futsal fields or play 8v8 on the larger field. We have space locked in at this location so our group can guarantee playing time and give attendees a great experience playing pickup.

COVID-19 Guidelines for this Facility

This outdoor location allows us to space people according to social distance guidelines while they're waiting to play.
Games are 5v5 (including goalies).
Bring your own ball for warm-ups. Write your name on your ball with permanent marker.
A sanitized game ball will be provided.
Space is limited to three teams - you'll sit one game for every 2 you play.

Participants must wear a mask when not playing in a game and when unable to maintain social distancing of 6 feet.
Go directly to the field assigned to your game to check in with the Grab A Game host.
No Spectators at this time. Do not wander the facility.
No water fountains or vending machines. Bring water or sports drink in a container clearly marked with your name.
Arrive up to 10 minutes before the game time. Leave the facility within 10 minutes of the game ending.