at Morgan Manufacturing

401 N Morgan St

Pickleball is glowing up at Morgan Manufacturing. On limited days, we’re running Glow-in-the-Dark Pickleball where games are illuminated by blacklight. Everything from the lines to the nets to the balls are glowing. Check out our schedule for upcoming tournaments, rentals, and pickups in this fun format!

Pickleball Tournaments

Glow-in-the-Dark Pickleball Mini-Tournaments

2.5-hour tournament

3-hour drink package (optional during checkout)

5 Games Guaranteed
Big City Pickle-Branded neon-colored shirt
$100 in Grab A Game / Big City Pickle Credit for first place team
$50 per person with 3-hour drink package
$35 per person without 3-hour drink package
$100 per team with 3-hour drink package
$70 per team without 3-hour drink package

These tournaments generally attract 3.0-3.5- level players.

Join us on Sunday, February 18 for our next Tournament! Monday, February 19 is Presidents’ Day. So, if you have the day off for the bank holiday, keep your weekend rocking with us on Sunday night!